Fear the beard

Actually…don’t be afraid because this craft beer was fresh and tasty (I just wanted to give a shout out to the Sox). I bought this bomber for four reasons: the name of the beer, the name of the brewery, it’s brewed and bottled in Massachusetts, and it’s an IPA.

See what I mean by the name?


I hope my week’s worth of stubble counts:


I really enjoyed drinking it and will definitely buy it again!




Tools of the trade

Many craft beers are meant to be poured into a specific style/shape of glass; when at a tap house you will usually see a wide array of vessels occupying the shelves behind the bar. I’m not that technical (shame on me) and have three glasses that I use depending on the situation, not the beer.

This 22oz mug is heavy and sturdy, so it has become my default travel mug when consuming brews outside of the home. It has been packed in saddle bags on my motorcycle, a suitcase, a backpack, a cooler, etc. Here is a photo from a B&B I rode to in Warren, VT (Lawson’s Finest in the mug):

IMG_1597 - Version 2

When at home (and the occasional party in my town) I use this 750ml bad boy for tackling large format beers. It is the perfect size to accommodate a 22oz bomber, foamy topper and all:


Plus you get to read this as you are enjoying your last sips (that is dark chocolate porter in the bottom of the glass):


Lastly, we have the mighty Growler Slayer, a one liter chalice of pure excellence that warranted its own post!


Long live the three amigos!




Not Warm

Being Wednesday today (1/29/14), I met my brother for our traditional weekly lunch at O’Connor’s in Worcester. I decided to ride my motorcycle because a) that is part of the tradition, and b) I was jonesing to ride. I have been riding through the winter for over a decade now and have thousands and thousands of cold weather miles logged, but I have to say that today was a cold one. I had to thaw my ignition with a hair dryer just to get the key to turn. The fingers on my throttle hand just never seemed to warm up on the 50-minute back road ride to the pub. My toes weren’t loving it, either. I made it, though, and had a great time! Here are some photos…

The weather app on my iPhone should say “current temperature 17.6 degrees, feels like -100 degrees on a motorcycle”. Here is a shot of the onboard computer on my bike when I left:


I’m not big on selfies but I went for it on this one:


Packed my wife’s hair dryer and an extension cord just in case:


Wachusett in the distance on one of my back roads:


I couldn’t get my key out once I got to O’Connor’s so I just left it in the ignition. Good luck to any thief who tries to steal the bike and ride it home in this weather.


I like the sound of this:


What a glorious sight!


So cool inside:


Bay State Velvet Revolution, Wormtown Wintah Ale, Smuttynose Winter Ale, and Weyerbacher Last Chance IPA:


Grilled shrimp kebabs on a winter salad with lemon vinaigrette – delicious!


I stopped for gas on the way home; I had to use their outdoor electrical outlet to run the hair dryer so I could get my key out of the ignition to unlock the gas cap. All’s well that ends well!