Armsby Abbey

If you live around here and are into craft beer then you have probably been to The Armsby Abbey. I have never traveled there on a bike (I try not to ride in cities or on highways whenever possible) but, after many visits with my wife and our friends, I can say that it is an unbelievable spot. Picture a dimly lit and cozy beer bar with a great selection of beer on tap and absolutely delicious food. I ask you to picture the Abbey because I have no photos for you…and no valid explanation as to why. I will make sure to snap a few pics the next time I am there.

Update 2/9/14: My wife and I just got home from one of the best brunches we ever had. Definitely the best beer brunch and on the very short list of all-time greats whether brews were flowing or not. Going out for breakfast is a close second to going out for beer for me, so when I can combine the two it is magic!

My standard sign pic:


We showed up around 10:30AM and the place was already rocking (doors open at 10AM).


Lots of great beers to choose from:


We scored two seats at the bar right in front of the taps:


Gotta love supporting the local farms:


Of course I went with a flight:


My selections (don’t judge my chicken scratch handwriting).


Another view from my seat at the bar:


The food was so over the top with a beautiful presentation:


Is it bad that I had a stout waffle with salted caramel for dessert?


I highly recommend visiting the Abbey at any time of day on any day of the week, but the weekend brunch may be my new favorite time to go!