Yard House

I may or may not have played hooky today so I could ride my motorcycle to a new beer bar. OK that is exactly what I did. I have said in other posts that I am not a huge fan of chains but I had a good old time at the Yard House in Lynnfield this afternoon. They have a ridiculous amount of craft beer on tap and a menu that has something for everyone. Not only do they offer beers in my favorite format (a flight), they also serve the majority of their beers in a 1/2 yard…otherwise known as 32oz of pure joy. As a “journalist” I had to order both!

I saw this when I was walking in and took it as…wait for it…a good sign (nyuk nyuk nyuk):


The obligatory helmet photo:


My super tasty IPA flight:


Another set of taps:


Check out this cool digital chalkboard that kept scrolling different info:


And, last but not least, my 1/2 yard of Troegs Perpetual IPA:


Not a bad way to spend a Monday afternoon!