Trillium Brewing Company is right down the street from the hotel we stayed in for the Extreme Beer Fest…you know I had to check them out! Their retail space is very small and Boston was crawling with craft beer peeps due to the Fest so the place was really packed. From what I learned in line it would have been a madhouse anyway; I guess Saturday afternoons are like that at Trillium.

I need to go back for a proper visit during a slow time so I can hang out, take some better photos, sample a bunch of their beers, etc. but I wanted to post something up while the experience was fresh in my mind. You know what else is fresh? This Congress Street IPA that I’m drinking as I write this – delicious!

I found it!


The line was out the door and I had to take a pic of something while I waited:


OK…now I’m close enough to see the sign:


Once inside, I was greeted by a glorious sight:


They have some very cool interior features…




This morning I was happy to discover that our growlers were cold and safe in the back of the SUV. These three bad boys hold Mettle DIPA, Congress Street IPA, and Fort Point Pale Ale:


Congress Street IPA waiting to be poured:


I can’t wait to try the other two brews!





I have never written a post about a BYOB place because…well…this site is about the pursuit of craft beer! I have to make an exception for B.T.’s Smokehouse in Sturbridge, though. My wife and I stopped in for dinner last night after filling our growlers at Tree House and were absolutely blown away by the otherworldly BBQ, superb sides, and amazingly friendly and helpful folks who treated us so well. This place is a real gem and well worth the trip if you love BBQ as much as we do; we’ve had more than our share and this was hands down the best we’ve ever eaten.

So you see why I had to post about B.T.’s? Besides, the fact that you can score growlers from Tree House (Thu-Fri-Sat) then scoot down Route 20E to crack one open while enjoying your BBQ bonanza kind of makes it a craft beer destination, right? Tree House has incredible beer but no food, and B.T.’s has incredible food but no beer – a match made in heaven!

First time there on a motorcycle:


Update (3/19/14): Once again, B.T.’s absolutely crushed it. They even brought the cider doughnut bread pudding, also known as the best dessert ever. I will let the photos speak for themselves:





Please forgive the less than awesome pics; I wasn’t thinking blog when we decided to go to B.T.’s (as they don’t serve beer) so I left my photo A-game in the truck. Boy, that was a lame excuse.

Kinda dark for my standard sign shots but here goes nothin’:



Everything smelled so good when we walked in and we just kept adding to our order as we read the chalkboard:


The source of the aroma awesomeness:


Good thing we brought some killer brew!


Speaking of that…



Lots to look at on the walls:



Told you we went a little crazy! Our kids also love BBQ so we planned to bring some home to them:


This was my platter. All I could manage to save from all of this chow were two ribs for my son because they are a favorite of his.


Best trash barrel name ever:


Man…putting this post together has me jonesing for some more B.T.’s BBQ!

Worthy Kitchen

I have made mention of my love for craft beer breakfasts and brunches many time on this site; they are obviously much harder to find than beer lunches and dinners. Well, I am happy to say that I have a new one to add to my list! The Worthy Kitchen in Woodstock, VT is a great spot that I hit on my ride home yesterday. The sizable beer selection includes many locals and the food is awesome. Combine that with friendly service and good music, and Worthy Kitchen is aces in my book!

My noble steed has performed gallantly on this journey. Luckily the parking lot was dirt vs. ice!


You had me at “a Craft Beer and Farm Diner”.


The straight scoop on the eats:


So many choices…


Unobstructed views of the draught list for those who want to geek out:



A fine goblet of Foley Bros. Native Brown:


I inhaled this tasty wood fired beef and potato hash:


Maple pancakes for dessert – they were killer!


I’m thinking that I need to round up my motorcycle posse real soon for a beer brunch ride!

Update (8/10/14): One of my riding buddies from MA rode up and met me for Sunday brunch. It was his first time and he loved it just as much as I do 🙂


Update (9/28/14): My wife and I stopped by for an early dinner on our way home and it was out of this world!



Update (February 2015): Another early dinner with my wife…this time on the way up!