Stopped by the new Smuttynose Brewing Company facility in Hampton yesterday on my way home from the NH seacoast. The brewery is huge, gorgeous, and environmentally friendly. I recommend taking the tour (about 25 minutes or so) then enjoying yourself in the sampling area afterwards. All of the folks were friendly and helpful, and I had a great time! Blatant photo dump time:









Took a ride to Portsmouth, NH today to visit the WHYM Craft Beer Cafe and I’m sure glad I did! From the moment I walked through the door, the proprietor and gracious host, Alex, did everything in his power to make sure I had a wonderful experience. The cafe is bright and cheery, nicely decorated with a cozy bar, and has large doors that lead to the outdoor seating area and let in lots of sunlight and fresh air.

Ten taps of craft beer (with 5 local offerings) plus a nice bottle list means that you won’t have a problem finding something you want to drink. The food menu is creative and diverse; I had a tremendous bistro salad followed by some killer mac and cheese with Gouda and pancetta. Let’s look at a few photos, shall we?

Walking in to the cafe:


The bar area:


Today’s selection:


Obligatory helmet-and-beer photo:


The view from my seat at the bar:


Yummy #1…


…and Yummy #2!


I almost forgot…WHYM stands for water, hops, yeast, and malt 🙂




Blind Pig

I rode to The Blind Pig yesterday for my first visit and it was awesome! I just love a pub with lots of history and a strong following of friendly regular customers. Add great local craft beers (on draft and in bottles) and outstanding chili and I’m sold. The icing on the cake was Nick, my gracious host and a super knowledgeable and personable guy. My plan was to stop by for an hour for a quick beer and a bite to eat to check the place out, and 3 hours later I was still sitting at the bar having a blast.

Yep…this is the place.


Nice and cozy…making it real hard to leave:


Nine taps with seven of them rotating local offerings and the option of a 4-beer flight:


Obligatory helmet-on-bar photo:


I went with a flight of local goodness. My helmet stayed on the bar the entire time. Don’t judge me.


So good with just the right kick to it:


Nick managed to pour the smallest black and tan ever (with Lefty’s Honey Brown Ale in lieu of Bass):


I decided to go with a bottle of local brew next because there were so many to choose from:



What a tasty and refreshing pale ale:


The Pig is the kind of pub I wish I could call my local watering hole; however, it only took me a little over an hour to ride there on back roads so you know I will be back soon!

Update (8/21/14): Another tremendous time at The Blind Pig with Nick and some folks from the Brews group on Facebook. A rainy ride to get there but all’s well that ends well 🙂



The Bart: